Our Cashmere


Cashmere is made from the delicate underbelly hair of goats primarily from or near Mongolia. This luxurious supersoft material offers great insulation in the winter season but also cools in the springtime due to its very breathable quality. Cashmere is long lasting and becomes softer with age and rarely pills after being worn and washed.

There is a limited supply of cashmere in the world and the demand is increasing, therefore we have chosen to source our cashmere by recycling existing sweaters. More often we retire a garment because of a minor flaw, a stain or hole, however the body of it, still intact. We carefully examine the pieces we source and salvage the perfect parts for repurposing them into our unique AFTERLIFE collection.

All cashmere is being individually handpicked and inspected for quality. They are then deeply cleaned and steamed before being transformed and repurposed as bikini panties, dolphin shorts and more styles to come in the future.

CARE: We recommend to use mild cashmere or wool detergent. Baby shampoo works usually too. Our garments can be hand washed or using the delicate cycle in a front loader washing machine if you use a mesh bag for protection and choose the cold water option. Lay flat to dry.