Andrea Emmerich

AFTERLIFE was dreamed up by Andrea Emmerich, a German native living in Los Angeles, California and was launched in late Summer of 2015. Her diverse life experience, pursuit of personal growth and a lifetime of worldwide travel for work and play inspired and contributed to this concept.

The aspect of repurposing materials in times of limited resources is the cornerstone of our brand. We create one of a kind pieces, individually designed from handpicked 100% recycled cashmere. When sourcing our materials, we keep the color blocking in mind and pair cashmere of different textures, knits and colors to create a variety of looks from the wild color combination to pastels and neutrals.

There is not one piece alike another!

" I love sourcing cashmere sweaters for each new production.  I personally inspect all sweaters carefully for their condition and quality before picking them and I enjoy choosing new colors each time to create unexpected combinations, resulting in an inspiring diversity of looks. Each unique piece is hand cut and sewn in our studio in Downtown Los Angeles. "